>Change the way you expand your branch network.

• A mix of Branch + Call Center + ATM
• Face-to-face human interaction
• Reduced branch start-up cost
• Low operational costs
• Micto branch consept w/o any staff existance
• All transactions serviced for 7/24


XTM is an integrated Software & Hardware solution that enables you to provide financial services by combining the functionalities of "Video Conference Services" and "Self-Service Machines”

XTM can be thought as a micro branch, where all financial activities are carried out through a digital video teller machine experience. There's only a single staff located in this branch acting as the meeter-greeter, and the customers use a special hardware to obtain financial services.

The machine not only provides the default functionalities found in a standard ATM but also enables all backend core banking services to be utilized by the customer. The agent at the contact center can remotely control the machine like a teller in the branch and initiate all kinds of core banking activities.


> Benefit & Advantages

The combined solution introduces many benefits and competitive advantages such as;

  • • Un-Manned Branch Concept
  • • 24/7 Branch Experience
  • • Call-Center-like Remote Processes
  • • Reduced Startup Costs
  • • Low Operational Costs
  • • High security with Biometric Identification
  • • Fast setup and Quick Expansion


Brand new XTM experience: Banks have been putting ATMs into their branches,
We put the branch into our ATMs:
  • • New Alternative Delivery Channel
  • • Cost Saving & Efficiency
  • • All banking services and transactions
  • • Remote branch service
  • • Branch network prevalence
  • • Portable and Mobile
  • • Wide and flexible service times
  • • Differentiation & Brand value
  • • Know-How and Experience
  • • Innovative user experience
  • • High Security