Why Karash

Karash works with banks in Turkey and Middle East and trying to expand its experience and products worldwide. We help our clients expand their technical capacity and available resources in order to complete their projects on time and within budget. When we provide technical solutions on behalf of our clients, that work becomes the intellectual property of the client. Moreover, when our technical team members work on your behalf, all work and project artifacts are protected and remain business confidential. We exercise the same care and attention to details with our client’s proprietary information as we do with our information.

As a whole, we pride ourselves of being a resource to our clients; therefore, our primary focus is providing technical services in a fast, efficient and effective manner.

Some other key benefits to working with Karash include:

  • • Dedicated developers who work hard to meet deadlines
  • • Fully integrated onsite teams or traditional project (offsite) teams
  • • Responsive and flexible to each of the client’s needs
  • • Commitment to long term fostering of strong relationships
  • • Protection of client’s intellectual property and private information
  • • Reducing our client’s operating costs and their total IT spend