The topic that will be discussed in the 6th International Finance Summit is the global crisis that has started with the turmoil in the mortgage market of USA versus Turkish economy. 

The rate of default on subprime mortgage loans and their heavy burden on the global economy via derivatives makes the effects of the crisis global. So, the emerging countries include Turkey are also affected in various dimensions of this period. 

Even though a year passed from the first symptom has seen, neither the exact amount of costs nor the end of perfect storm is estimated. In this period, as it is in all over the world, consumer confidence in Turkey decreased to record levels. As OECD observed in its last evaluation; the firms which serve in high quality by upgrading their technologies are growing up, contrast to firms, especially in some sectors, that couldn’t develop themselves become small with low grade. Thereby, Turkey records a strong growth. But there is need to implement concrete structural reforms in Turkey for minimum damage and to protect Turkey against the effects of global crisis.