>Make your existing ATMs evolve into Gold ATMs with physical gold dispencing capability.

• No need for hardware investment
• Easy to implement
• Establish a new avenue stream
• Provide your customersa reliable and 7/24 service channel to buy gold


>Advantages for Customers

  • • Enables customers to buy globally accepted certified 995 gold bullion physically 24/7
  • • Directs people to physical gold savings, in smaller and affordably amounts
  • • Consists of an alternative channel to buy gold bullions physically, Easy to buy in smaller units
  • • Both credit and debit cards can be used for payment

>GoldATM's Benefits for Banks

  • • Enables bank to launch a new innovative product to the market
  • • Potential increase in gold market share and gold trade revenues
  • • Extra revenue potential, ie. Gold sales transaction fee revenue
  • • Possibility to reach out to low asset and price sensitive customer group
  • • Increase in gold saving customers base
  • • Potential increase in cross-sale, ie. credit cards, debit cards, demand deposits
  • • Increase in customer loyalty and brand recognition through inert advertisement
  • • Enables bank to transform every ATM into a gold selling kiosk
  • • Prevents bank to make huge investments on new ATMs/kiosks
  • • Low Total Cost of Ownership and high Return on Investment

>Application's Main Features

• Works as a hub between Bank's system, ATM and interbank card center • Kuveyt Turk's GoldATM System manages all background tasks to enable the sale of gold bullion through existing ATM's coin hopper unit • Has user friendly and easy to use menu screen management • Manageability and extensive customizability • Continuous listening ATMs for gold transactions and instant reporting to predefined units • Working as a hub on credit card transactions between the issuer bank's card system for authentication and transaction authorization • Connects to the Card System Vendor system for authorization, account cash control and money transactions, on card transactions • Processes ATM's accounting transactions on gold bullion sales and transfers records back to Card System Vendor system • Every communication and transaction is logged and managed by fraudulent management system • Comprehensive reporting


>System Architecture