CRB (Credit Registration Bureau / Turkey – Querying and Data Upload)

While the credit card and bank loans, which became indispensable in modern-day human life,  are popularizing more and more every day, banks are taking new measures to reduce the increasing risk in the sector. These studies are carried out under the Bureau of Credit,established in 1999. In the Bureau of Credit, currently compling 39.2 million pieces of data, compile data of credit records of applicants of banks and credit card as well as personal information and credit card debt payments in the last five years of those who sponsor these applicant. Inquiry Program CRB is developed as a web-based software for monitoring of  credit scores given by the CRB  and inquiring of the credit, overdraft accounts, Authentication, Authorization, Audit, Parametric Infrastructure, CRB Inquiry, Integration Services, the Credit card information of those individuals, registered in the  Credit Registration Bureau by connecting to CRB .

Solutions offered under the program KARASH Inquiry CRB can be summorized in  6 major titles:

Active Directory etc. systems provide authentication of users within its own structure or to log on to the such system within the company, or any other central sign-on system.

The authorization system within the software itself or in a central authorization system, or any of its branches contained in the authorization system, can differentiate between users working in departments such as general manager  and the screens, types of queries, which will be accessed according to this differentiation, that can be used easily determined.

Thanks to the advanced control system within the software, the control operations can be easily carried out, because it keeps the data of which person have inquired in CCB, which person has logged on the system  and to which pages , the user has accessed in the system.

Parametric Substructure:
The parameters, used in the system, can be easily managed by the flexible parameter infrastructure in the program and the parameters management screens. They can be changed, if required, added to the new data and they can be deleted.

CRB Inquiry
It sends messages by creating at any order, the CRB system requires, to the CRB system and  shows the returning improved query result data , account, the applicant, score details  information separately, thanks to monitoring screen. The user can see the requested account , details of the application, warning information and with whom they can be associated, at any time. Credit, credit card information as well as associated guarantor data  can be seen with the details .Queries, logged with improved control mechanism, keep the resulting information of the query together and they can be used in the calculation of compensation.

CRB Sending
It is the data transmission module to CRB from institutions. The required data within the data sources in the institution is gathered and converted to the data format, required by CCB, and  sent.