It is an application for treasury departments of financial instutions, developed for follow-up of the foreign exchange transactions, money market and fixed income procedures. It enables the evaluation of the resulting profitability, by collecting all profitable instruments of financial institutions in a single center.

From customers to sales professionals, from back office to  risk managers, from compliance specialists to  investment professionals, the special needs of  everyone is supported by personalized workstations. Solutions offered under TAO are gathered mainly under four titles:

  • • Fixed Income
  • • Foreign Exchange
  • • Money Market
  • • Precious Metals
  • • Fastprice Server

    Fixed Income
    It provides complete solutions for TAO, bond and repo transactions, from risk management to general ledger. Tao bond pricing page includes  many ways to describe, how to carry out pricing of  securities and  bonds in order to protect the positions.

    Fixed Income solution is designed to support high-volume operations in the stock market.  It allows agreements to be entered to the system rapidly  and it offers the required real-time profit / loss  information. Users benefit from  the integration of various instruments for finding funding and  to reduce currency risk and to make short-long term transactions easier. 

    Foreign Exchange Transactions
    It meets the needs of regional and global support for products including different types of TAO, a series of spot and futures transactions.

    Spot investors can  quickly and easily to make transactions with the  stock market inputs, which can be adapted the . TAOs extensive user configuration options allows investors to personalize the appearance of accounting ledgers, investment screens, positions and profit / loss reports . Securities investors achieve the consolidated look within the ladder of the securities , thanks to TAO, related to interest rate, exchange rate risk and the positions. Ladder of securities and profit / loss reports, are cross-assets and short-term interest rate instruments are integrated to currency positions. Thanks to the common platform, investors can take measures to position the exchange rate using interest rate instruments.

  • Money Markets
    Money Markets solution, while meeting the needs of cash and liquidity management, focuses on ease of use. It supports a wide variety of cash structures including TAO, loans, deposits, savings facilities and demand deposits. Demand deposits can be used for investment, and financing or it can be based on a fixed rate or an index.

    Fastprice Server
    Fastprice Server system provides the management tools necessary to maintain many features to keep  customer information, limit and Display controlls,  price-ratio information and , free programs, user security and similar  features.

    Among  the Fastprice Server functions are to provide  the adjusted price of bonds, foreign exchange rate and interest rate quotes  based on real-time rate information services(Reuters)  to customers; to control the rate quote Services compeletly, to avoid the customers from exceeding the exposure limits, to monitor and  to report the procedures, managed remotely;  to keep the tiered rate, wages and gross profit programs. Application Programming Interfaces are offered for such or similar services, required by Win or Internet based  front end.