A/T – Availment Ticket System for Loans – A Workflow Engine

Workflow engine details established on system:
Work flow module first takes messages which processing on the system and decide about if there is a workflow (work process) based transaction will be done or not. In other words, it controls the request if it will be on control process or not. According to this decision, message will sent to work flow engine.

Engine will firstly look for identified rules on them and decide about what will do about message. These decisions might be, looking to a identified processes about a message and decide in which flow (process) it will start, making state changes or required modifications continuing message on existing flow or it might be starting new flows according to messages specifications. After its required processes have been done workflow engine, it will routing the way of message inside the system.

Workflow works before facade layer and also it might be taking decision about the message goes to this layer or not. Workflow engine’s all works will be idenfitied on management screen and whenever desired, parametric structure can be changeable.

For example, if we want to run a designated message from workflow, its enough that writing full name of the message to workflow screen and also we need to identify in what circumstances the message enters the flow and in what state’s it will start.

As we can see in the screen, we indicating that the message which we mentioned on “Message type” part, it must be enter to Maker Checker flow and it will start from its state. Now, system will catch all messages as based on this message type according to mentioned conditions and it will decide about if there is a process will be done or not.

This idendification can make independent from developer and it does not need any code. Which means, after the developer write down own message system, person confirmed his or her works regarding to flow and he or she can take off his or her own flow. There will be no changes on system working.

Actions in the screen which is for existing messages, created by workflow according to flow’s values that in specified process. In other words, if user opens an record on screen, users possible actions will be designate according to existing flow’s state and actions will be created on screen, integrated with right system. These actions can be reshape immediately after taking changes in flow. Actions are identify from flow screens and shape again according to working principles in screen. Its also possible that, when the action is active or passive or when it will be visible or not, it can be decidable. The action that identifies with it or after its work, extra works can be identify and it can be attached to action. These might be closing of screen after the action be done or refreshing of another screen.

Before developer works on created actions or after he or she can be interfere. He or she can handle the action inside the code according to the action that have been made or its ID and also he or she can required intervening.

Integration work of Workflow engine and UI, totally supplied by core. All applications, works, actions, whenever wanted one or more than one time can be attachable, and can be provide different behavior according to user or user groups.

Life cycle of an AT:
In this section, we will identify AT’s entrance and after the entrance control and its processes in detailed way.

Before user make an AT entry, the datas that needs to in ready in system are like in below:

  • • Customer information
  • • Account information about customers
  • • Limit information about group or single customers
  • • Risks regarding to customers
  • • Incoming O/S’s from Onshore and Offshore and Credit Engine (PSE fx contracts)…
  • • Indemnities regarding to risks (Will read from CTS) – pdccess, invoice and document
  • • Currency rate information (taodanonline)

The objective of the in-tray system, establishing an AT entry, making required controlling during this entry and after put AT to workflow and making all required controlling for every department and taking automatic confirmation.

In some situations, system might be routing AT to related department user. In this situation, after taking confirmation for related person, it will still continue to flow again and this confirmation mechanism will continue even after AT falls to operation.
The object is, system’s automatically made confirmations which were done manually before and if the controls which regarded to related department passed through without any problem, system is giving automatic confirmation and the establisment of controlling from next department. The ideal situation is, AT’ fall directly to operation which its controlling done automatically. In new AT system, AT entry areas, will be visible/invisible in screen parametrically. Within a mapping table in system, AT areas will match with Corporate /Commercial, product grup, loan type and ticket type informations and which area needed to visible/invisible can be read from this mapping table. During entry, system makes other areas automatically visible/invisible according to this selected 3 areas. Also in this mapping table, commercial / corporate or both differentation must be mentioned.

Classifying AT:
The controls that needed to be done in AT entry or after, will designated according to that AT’s type. Because of this, before passing to areas in AT entrance, we need to elaborate how is an AT can classify.

Principally AT type can be designate according to customer and product.

In AT system, there are 2 types of customer exists:

  • • Corporate customers
  • • Commercial customers
    • • SME : Customers whom turnover is under 50 million USD
    • • MME: Customers whom turnover is above 50 million USD
    • • Grouping of controlling is also separate by according to this 2 type customers.

For customers whom are in SME group, product typing will be classified according to their indemnities like in below:

For customers whom are in MME group, product typing will be classified according to their indemnities like in below: